The best yoga teacher in town. Tracy’s classes are never routine which means I can take a month of classes and no one is ever the same. With Tracy I am deepening my practice, improving my focus, flexibility and strength and finding my heart and head opening. And having fun too. Tracy pays attention to each student both correcting and encouraging. I’ve made many loving and supportive friends by taking her classes and participating in retreats. Tracy is the best and I’m lucky to have found her. – Fern Josephs

Tracy tailors her instruction to my skill level. She presents each pose as a challenge that I can fine tune depending on my mood, energy level and physical condition. I usually walk out of her class feeling like happy mush. – Jim Keen

I’ve practiced yoga with Tracy for over 15 years and I am positive that my mental health, physical body and spiritual being would not be what they are today without my practice. Tracy’s style of instruction speaks to me because she brings a balanced mind, body, and spirit approach to her instruction, and does so with a sense of humor. She is also able to detect potential hurdles in one’s practice and subtly offers suggestions to help overcome mental as well as physical obstacles. I am continually grateful that I found Tracy; thanks to her guidance in my practice, I am able to find my center no matter what life hands me.  – Erica Loftus

Tracy brings a sense of adventure to her classes. She encourages you to find your physical and mental edges and to explore a bit further. Soon enough, you discover you can do more than you thought you could. – Brad Dewey

Yoga with Tracy Von Kaenel has changed my life. My husband and I have practiced with Tracy since 2003. Classes with Tracy are comfortable, energizing and spirit building. Her classes have transformed my yoga practice from an occasional exercise routine to a lifetime practice. The strength of Tracy’s classes is in her knowledge and planning. Tracy knows yoga, the body and movement. Her classes are unified and complete. She warms us up thoroughly. We move from pose to pose with intention and fluidity. Tracy walks us through poses from many approaches so that all levels of practitioners are engaged and challenged.  We finish with reflection and meditation. Tracy skillfully scaffolds mind, body and spirit into each practice. After ten years, I feel accomplished and eager to learn more. My life is enriched by classes with Tracy. Tracy builds a community in the classroom. I’ve been practicing with some of the same people for more than 10 years, and have made many friends in her classes.  There is a wide range of ages and personalities.  Everyone is supportive and welcoming. Tracy’s is hands on and always has time to assist students. I highly recommend Yoga with Tracy Von Kaenel. – Mary Kovats

I’ve been a student of Tracy’s for over 12 years and I love her teaching style. She guides us through several minutes of stretchy warm-ups and then through a series of poses that feel so fluid and seamless. She presents a heartfelt blend of humor, spirituality and warmth. In fact she was my inspiration to become a yoga teacher! – Maryann Lewis

The first thing that enters my mind and completely sets Tracy apart from other yoga instructors is her authenticity.  There is no doubt in my mind that her dedication to yoga teaching is truly her higher calling.   Her knowledge base of the body in relation to Vinyasa is an inspiration to us all.   I’m motivated by all of the a for mentioned as well as her varied instruction and constant focus on basic form.  Lastly, Tracy supports a devoted yoga family that I have grown to love. – Amy Levin

Yoga with Tracy has had a transformational effect on my life: body, mind and spirit. Her classes are challenging, fun and  completely addictive.         – Monica Vick

Tracy’s strong knowledge of yoga asana coupled with her keen awareness of body mechanics creates an atmosphere of safety and trust. I’d follow her anywhere. And I have for nearly 15 years. – Shannon McCarthy

I’ve been practicing yoga with Tracy Von Kaenel for nearly 15 years. She has an impeccable understanding of anatomy and movement, ensuring a safe environment in which all students can flourish. Her descriptions are clear and intuitive, so the flow is very natural. I always leave feeling physically tuned, grounded, and positive. – Sona Tazian

A few years ago, I heard a remark in passing that Tracy’s students are strong. I had assumed that as a group we are normal, or normal enough. Then, I was shaving one morning, and I thought, Now, wait, where did all of these shoulder muscles come from? So we are brought gently to a different relationship with our bodies, to a fundamental change in health and wholeness, which leads seamlessly to wholeness in our consciousness, too. – Don Gecewicz

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years, and with Tracy for more than 15 of them. Tracy is hands-down, the best yoga teacher I have ever met. After so many years of yoga, it is easy to get bored with some of the monotony of a sun-salutation “routine” practice (not very yoga like, but true).  Tracy always provides unusual variations to each pose, and I am continually shocked that there are  poses offered each class that I have never done?! The variety helps with my practice and commitment to regular yoga. Tracy is fanatical about safety and proper form and reminds students of the necessity of good form to prevent injury. She is also very funny, unusual for a yoga teacher, which helps to connect with her and the class. Finally, Tracy wraps up each class with an inspiring meditation of thoughtful words to inspire you for the rest of the week. Try her class once, it is addictive. – Michelle A.

Tracy’s class is a perfect mix of flowing physical work, insightful adjustments, and practical spirituality delivered with compassion and a sense of humor. It’s the linchpin of my week and provides inspiration for my daily home practice. The sense of community and supportive environment that she promotes among the yogis provides a truly satisfying practice week after week. I love this class, love these people, and am so grateful to be included. – Janet Mullet

Studying Aerial Yoga with Tracy Von Kaenel really helped me put the fun back into my workout schedule. Tracy is a master at taking the beginning yoga body (me) and setting it into the aerial sling with the ease and experience to make me feel confident. I felt supported and encouraged the whole time I learned the fun stretches and postures, and laughed as I remembered how much fun it was to swing as a kid. I have been able to achieve a healthier alignment in my back and neck area without visiting a chiropractor through a weekly aerial yoga class, and the benefit seems to really stick with me. Like any good instructor, Tracy make it all look easy. When I get into the aerial sling in her class, Tracy’s articulate and concise instruction makes it easier. She has built a great community and her practice is respectful and deep. Love it!
– Sas Stark, Tai Chi Chuan, and TaijiFit Instructor

Yogassage is a truly unique, therapeutic, wonderful form of body relaxation! It really ought to be called YogAHHHssage. I liked so much about it: the combination of beneficial elements that Tracy (and ONLY Tracy!) knows how to employ; the fact that it is not entirely passive (There is no risk of falling asleep and drooling or snoring, during a yogassage session!). With her extensive knowledge of the entire body, glandular and muscular-skeletal points, Tracy addresses very gently all regions, tip to toe. I had not requested work on any particular problem area nor muscle strain, but it is apparent that this kind of relaxation therapy would be quite helpful for sore muscles. I did find it to be very relaxing, releasing, healing and pampering. Afterwards, I felt distinctly soothed, invigorated and cleansed! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone—-it is a delightfully innovative, highly effective experience! I look forward to my next yogahhhssage!” – Miriam Sturm

Tracy is the best yoga instructor I have ever known. Finding the right teacher is of utmost importance to me and I attribute my continued love of yoga to Tracy. Tracy has a way of “reading” her students, leaving us all feeling like the class was just for us. She has a gentle way of pushing me to strive for more out of my practice. – Katie Scholz

In years of going to Tracy’s classes, no two classes have been the same. She is a creative and inspiring teacher. Each class brings a different sequence of poses, with a flow that makes sense. You’ll love the sense of being challenged and truly supported at the same time. – Deb Gray

Retreats with Tracy are a unique way to reconnect with nature, reawaken a sense of gratitude, and develop strong bonds with other people. During outdoor practices, she fosters a sense of wonder by pointing out miraculous details about each practice, such as hummingbirds circling the group. She is genuinely concerned with each individual’s personal growth, and her intuitive talent feels personally targeted to each individual’s needs: challenging, but adaptable for all levels. You will return from the retreat feeling a sense of wonder and delight with the world, equipped with new learning to enjoy nutritious food, maintain a healthy mindset, and move through your day with an energized body. – Nan Waterstreet

Om, Shanti, a phrase that is often chanted at the end of a yoga practice, translates loosely as an invitation to peacefulness.  Tracy’s yoga invites peacefulness. Her yoga classes incorporate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the yoga experience. Tracy’s background in dancing and choreography is apparent in the smooth flow of each class. She teaches with clarity and insight and compassion, so that it’s deeply satisfying to take a yoga class with Tracy. She also teaches with humor, so it’s fun to take a class with her. In addition to taking Tracy’s classes in Hatha yoga, Zen yoga, restorative yoga, meditation and aerial yoga, I also truly appreciate my private sessions with Tracy: Yogassage (a powerful combination of Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, and other practices that Tracy incorporates into an hour of magic that leaves me relaxed and glowing), and Dharma lessons  (a path of self study that incorporates yoga teachings into daily life). All of the classes, and especially the Dharma lessons, have enabled me to open my heart and my mind to other ways of seeing myself and the world, and to find more joy and peace in my life. It is an honor and a delight to study yoga with Tracy. – Renee Schwartz